Oct. 18th, 2008

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It made sense to have him stay at her flat. Tom wasn't over a lot and if she wanted some alone time with him she could always go to his place. And the not-Doctor she'd taken to calling "Nameless" in her head needed somewhere to stay.

It wouldn't be so bad. And he was like the Doctor in a lot of ways and she lived in the Doctor's home for a long while. It wouldn't be so different.

She scribbled another address on an envelope and stuffed an invitation inside. Bride Monthly suggested at least six months preparation for overseas and long-distance travelers. A lot of Tom's mates were overseas with his relief projects, so she had a lot of envelopes to fill.

She tried to tell Tom she'd have been just as happy with a few mates and a bottle of champagne. But he wanted to make sure she was noticed, so she could have the big wedding. Her mother certainly didn't mind. If nothing else, it made her like Tom more.

Tish wanted to know when they were moving in together. And what she was going to do about "Him".

She didn't know. And as she sealed yet another envelope, she didn't care. She had too much on her plate to think about things like that.


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