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Jul. 2nd, 2009 08:51 am
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Player Name: MJ
Player LJ: [ profile] electric_girl
Email and/or AIM: naughtygirlslikepolka AT gmail DOT com
Timezone: EST
Other Characters: The Tenth Doctor (d1)

Character: Martha Jones
Series/Fandom: Doctor Who
Deviance: d3. Also played by [ profile] salvagestime and [ profile] savagestime (along with [ profile] shatteredqueen!), both asked before this character was created. In
this deviance, Martha saves the Master from death at the end of "The
Last of the Time Lords", and opts to become a medical doctor rather
than join UNIT.

Age: 27
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Canon Used: I draw out my canon from all Martha Jones material
up to and including 3.13 "The Last of the Time Lords". This includes
all novel material and comic material. I will take heavy liberties
with "The Story of Martha", however, as I found it was not as horrific
a world as I would like to interpret for Martha to have experienced.


Martha is a short, fit black woman with shoulder-length black hair and
dark brown eyes. She is naturally very pretty, though she dresses
down, keeping her body covered by thick military-style material. She
has a tattoo on her arm of a butterfly and heavy scarring on her
stomach and legs.

Psychology: As a youth, Martha was bright and excitable with
ambitions of being a doctor and saving lives. She kept herself
focused in school, her only boyfriends brief flings during university.
She is goal oriented and tries her best to see the bigger picture,
even if that initially means thinking about her rent rather than
traveling with the Doctor. Confident in both her looks and her
intellect, being rejected by the Doctor was, initially, surprising and
frustrating. The other man became a challenge, someone to be won.
After traveling with him, however, Martha did fall in love with her
companion, though she was at first loathe to admit it and later
understood her feelings would never be reciprocated.

The events leading up to and including Saxon's (he's not her
Master) reign over the Earth made Martha colder, more distant. She
learns how to hold her heart safe, because it's very easily bruised.
When she was asked to walk the Earth, she took the task as a life
mission, forgoing all other thoughts for it. By six months into her
walk on Earth, the destruction she's seen and the coldness she's
needed to acquire have left her bitter and hard, though inwardly
emotionally brittle. Knowing she was the driving force that saved the
Master makes her feel ill, as well as powerful. She was the only one
who could save the other Time Lord from death (or
regeneration), but because she did she doubtlessly caused others to

Martha is tired. She feels old, she feels weary. She does not sleep
well at nights and often finds herself looking over her own shoulder.
She is no longer the excitable youth, her brightness and cleverness
turned into a searing, militaristic intelligence. Rare and few are
the moments where the young and happy Martha returns to the surface,
too far buried underneath protective layers.

Martha is compassionate to a fault and it is this trait that is, quite
often, the only way she allows herself to come out of her shell and
admit that she is, in fact, still human.

Other Skills/Abilities:

Martha is a medically trained doctor possessing all of the necessary
technical skills to do her job. She is trained in basic surgery and
field surgery (from her time walking the Earth). She is also trained
in a variety of medical fields, with a specialization in immunology
and intensive care.

Martha has a basic firearms knowledge with no specializations or great
skill. She can generally hit a target and has used firearms to kill.
She has some combat training, mostly in the field of self-defense and
kickboxing (a class she took for the athletic credit at university).

Martha speaks a smattering of other languages, though only English,
German, and Japanese to fluency.

Other Weaknesses:

Martha is emotionally blocked from walking the Earth, leaving her
equally untouchable and fragile. She is a hidden case of PSTD, though
she will not seek out help for it.

Martha does not speak French, as learning it was a constant battle
with her mother that she refused to relent in.


Martha grew up the daughter of Francine and Clive, younger sister to
Latisha and older sister to Leo. Lacking the charisma of her older
sister, Martha made a name for herself among her family members as the
peacekeeper and go-between for her mother and father's constant
arguments. While young, she was very close to her cousin Adeola, whom
people often remarked could've been Martha's twin. As they aged,
Adeola and Martha did not remain close. At the age of nine, Leo fell
and broke his leg. During the surgery to fix the compound break,
Martha watched and decided that she, too, would fix injuries and help
people, like the doctor helped her baby brother.

Martha excelled in school and was popular due to her wit and good
looks. She graduated in the top five percent of her class and left
for university with plans on becoming a doctor. When Leo left home,
her parents divorced, proving what Martha and her siblings already
knew: they were staying together for the kids.

Martha did well in school, focusing on her studies rather than her
social life. Her need to stand out, as well as her need to be the
best, made the battle between social and academic no contest. Martha
dated briefly in college but did not form any serious relationships.
While interning at Royal Hope just prior to her final medical exams,
Martha met the Doctor and eventually became his companion.

As companion to the Doctor, Martha saw the universe and experienced
many wonderful and terrible things. She saw life reinvent itself in
New New York, she saw the end of the universe. She experienced life
as the muse of Shakespeare and life as the servant of her amnesiac
best friend. Martha grew from the young student that the Doctor knew
into an enthusiastic and adventurous woman. The thought never truly
crossed her mind that she should leave him.

Then, when the Master took over Earth, Martha was given the task to
walk the Earth and spread the word of the Doctor, becoming emissary to
his psychic battle with his old enemy. For a year she fought with
Toclafane and humans alike, having to kill in order to survive.
During her time on Earth, she killed a boatman in Japan by pushing him
overboard (and, inadvertently, into a propeller), shot and killed two
religious fanatics while she fled Oregon, and anesthetized a suffering
woman in Norway. She failed to save countless others, and each of
those deaths she feels personally responsible for. While all of what
happened during the Year was eventually wiped away, Martha feels that
many of those sins have yet to be atoned for.

When the Master was shot, the Doctor begged Martha for his life and
Martha, knowing that if she didn't she would hate herself far more
than she already did, helped. She saved the Master's life and left
the Doctor when he chose to travel with him. She has worked with the
Doctor and the Master since, though she strictly considers it working
with the Doctor.

Martha was offered a position at UNIT but rejected it, choosing
instead to finished her medical training and take up life as a doctor.
She worked in the emergency room at Royal Hope, her efficiency and
cool headed nature during stress invaluable to her peers. She
occasionally outsources for UNIT and Torchwood due to her knowledge of
alien races, but she refuses to go back into that life again. She is
engaged to Tom Milligan, but their relationship is distant, both
literally and figuratively.

Canon Point:

Martha comes into play directly post s4.

Reality Description:

Martha's reality is London, 2009. She lives in a world that knows a
little about alien life due to the constant attacks from above, and
has significant technological breakthroughs hidden by their

Martha starts on a perfectly pleasant summer afternoon. She's just
spent the last 56 hours in Royal Hope Hospital, a busy hospital in the
center of London. She has, at the insistence of her younger brother
(the only family member unaffected by the Year and thus the unofficial
keep-everyone-together member of the family) gone out to a nearby shop
to buy her mother a birthday gift.

The city is busy, metropolitan. People go about their lives as though
they have nothing to fear. Martha lives alone (unless Tom is there)
in her middle-upper-class flat. Weevils (like zombies but uglier)
roam the streets at night and, unbeknownst to most of Earth, Daleks
(If Nazis had babies with pepperpots) still prowl the universe.

First Person Speaking Sample:

[Look! It's Martha! She's in a set of dark green scrubs with a lab
coat overtop, clearly just out of the operating theater. In one hand,
she has a paper cup of coffee. Okay, maybe she was on break]

[She spins around, confused]

Where am I? I just stepped into that shop during my break to buy a
birthday gift for Mum---

Not the shop! Those two men! They must've been---

Oh, no. Not again. I do not have time for this again. Do you
hear me?? I don't! I've got a life, now!

[throws the cup at the air]

If you've got questions for me, ask them. I won't answer, but you can
ask. And then I want to go home.

Third Person Writing Sample:

Did you read the rules? Yes.
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