Nov. 24th, 2008

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The train ride was comfortable, and surprisingly quite relaxing. Martha had a few drinks at the food cart and watched the world whiz by as she ran from what she knew into the life of an outlaw. Only for a little while, though. Just long enough for UNIT to sort out their mistakes and Sir Alistair to fix what was going on with Stryker. She had faith in that.

Then a trip to Bangkok afterwards. She did promise. And she'd always wanted to go.

Then back to her normal life. As normal as it was. And getting her dress exchanged and invitations sent out. She wanted to live a normal life.

"Thanks, just make sure you get that info to the Brigadier as quickly as you can," Martha said. Seven more seconds until the trace would be complete if UNIT was tracking Tom's phone. "And remember, tell Mum I'm all right. I've got to go. I love you, too."

She hung up the payphone and sighed. He sounded worried. She told him he had nothing to worry about, she was with Nameless---and if she had more time, she'd have given him a few words about texting her that name, but she didn't. For some reason, that made Tom more nervous. He just didn't know Nameless like she did. They'd be all right together, better off than they would be alone.

She went back from the phone near the bathrooms to the street where Nameless was waiting for her. She didn't want to worry him with her conversations, he was too excited to be traveling.


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